Selected Projects

Major League Hacking, Fall 2014 North America Season Championship

Spent a good amount of time sleeping in planes, trains, and buses to compete against other top engineering schools in North America


For once, I used my tech and fundraising skills for social good. Helped a couple of friends conceptualize and build MakerGirl, a program that encourages girls ages 7-10 to be more involved in STEM fields through 3D printing sessions

Project 415x

Project 415x Project 415x is a learning tool for students to have a direct visual and kinesthetic experience of core concepts in Linear Algebra

Bipedal Robot

Bipedal Robot using 3D printed parts, servo motors, ultrasonic sensor, and a microcontroller


Pizzazz A design tool that dynamically generates color schemes and design recommendations for user-generated content

Low Power Sensor Network

Low Power Sensor Network A cheap low power sensor network that is based on Nordic nRF24L01+ RF modules and the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol


Now LU Decomposition. Semi-positive Definite Matrices. Pseudoinverse. Let’s solve for eigenvalues, shall we?


Now “Coming from midwest, weather has always been an issue. While it may look sunny outside on most days, it might painfully cold. Presenting our weather based Internet of Things device - Now.”

Past Projects

  • UpTalk - Learn a foreign language by connecting across the world, making future in person meetups even better. MadHacks 2015 Grand Prize Winner, Wisconsin Idea Award
  • MemoryLane - An application for tracking progress in discovering a new language using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. VandyHacks 2015 Winner, Digital Reasoning’s Choice Award
  • Engineers Without Borders - UIUC Website - Engineers Without Borders, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Website
  • NASA JPL Space Design Competition - Autonomous Algorithm for Determining a Safe Landing Site on a Planetary Surface
  • UIUC ACM-ICPC Team Website - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IBM-ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Team Website
  • Election - A client-server application that accelerates the voting and counting of ballots written in Visual Basic
  • PFUN - B+ Trees, Hash, and Boyce Normal Form implementation
  • Floppy Pong - Tired of Flappy Bird? Try this.
  • Drake the Snake (Lite) - A revival of the popular Snake game
  • TV-B-GONE - Universal TV remote controller Say goodbye to all of your TVs!
  • Arduino Piezzo Speaker Tones - Play your favorite tones using Arduino and piezzo speakers
  • Countdown to Christmas - A simple countdown for my favorite time of the year
  • GetPaid - Online receipt tracker with optical character recognition capability
  • Pacman Display - Pacman on HD44780 LCD display