Tired of TVs? TV-B-Gone is what you need!

TV-B-Gone is an open source kit that can be used to turn off TVs from a distance of 150 feet or more (v1.2)! It supports almost any TV brand in the market today including:


Acer, Admiral, Aiko, Alleron, Anam National, AOC, Apex, Baur, Bell&Howell, Brillian, Bush, Candle, Citizen, Contec, Cony, Crown, Curtis Mathes, Daiwoo, Dimensia, Electrograph, Electrohome, Emerson, Fisher, Fujitsu, Funai, Gateway, GE, Goldstar, Grundig, Grunpy, Hisense, Hitachi, Infinity, JBL, JC Penney, JVC, LG, Logik, Loewe, LXI, Majestic, Magnavox, Marantz, Maxent, Memorex, Mitsubishi, MGA, Montgomery Ward, Motorola, MTC, NEC, Neckermann, NetTV, Nikko, NTC, Otto Versand, Palladium, Panasonic, Philco, Philips, Pioneer, Portland, Proscan, Proton, Pulsar, Pye, Quasar, Quelle, Radio Shack, Realistic, RCA, Samsung, Sampo, Sansui, Sanyo, Scott, Sears, SEI, Sharp, Signature, Simpson, Sinudyne, Sonolor, Sony, Soundesign, Sylviana, Tatung, Teknika, Thompson, Toshiba, Universum, Viewsonic, Wards, White Westinghouse, and Zenith.

TV-B-Gone TV-B-Gone

This kit from Adafruit Industries is distributed by MakerShed.

TV-B-Gone TV-B-Gone

Parts List

  • Microcontroller IC and socket
  • Ceramic oscillator, 8Mhz
  • Capacitors
  • Infrared (IR) LEDs, narrow beam(2)
  • IR LEDs, wide beam(2)
  • Green LED, 3mm
  • Tactile switch, 6mm
  • Transistor, PNP
  • Transistors, NPN (4)
  • Header pins (6)
  • Battery holder, 2xAA

TV-B-Gone It only takes about 30mins or less to assemble the kit and start turning off TVs.

TV-B-Gone To test if the IR LEDs are working, point the TV-B-Gone to a camera and check if the purple lights are blinking. You should see the four IR LEDs blinking, if not, check the connections.

TV-B-Gone TV-B-Gone finished product.